Host: Dr. Pat Francis


Dr. Pat Francis is an international humanitarian, pastor, president and founder of several charities and for-profit companies. She is an author and TV host with her weekly program “Good News with Pat Francis.”  As a Global ‘Transformation’ Speaker she speaks in seminars ranging from 50–20,000 people.  Her message of hope, empowerment, self-enterprise and kingdom dominion has impacted thousands.

The various innovative and dynamic programs run by her charities are transforming lives and providing solutions for at risk children and youth.  She has been honored with several awards both in Canada and America for the success of the programs. 

In January 2008, Dr. Pat was appointed a United Nation’s NGO Representative with influence as a “Transformational Activist” dealing with humanitarian issues, systemic poverty and, in partnership with world leaders, helps children and adult at risks.

She sits on the board of several networks and is member of the Women Presidents Organization, an international network of women with multi-million dollar companies.

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